Word game time!

Word game time!

Words for EDIT members of groups or cultures or civilisations that have recently been assimilated into a larger hegemony (through any means: conquest, treaty, demographics, etc.).

Single words please. And go!

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  1. Ooh I’m liking subjects. That’s the right kind of condescending.

    My use case is that you’ve got a body of warriors drawn from a variety of backgrounds (for reasons, shhh secrets). Some are commoners, some are children of merchant families, some are scions of noble houses, some are half-noble bastards…And some come from these recently incorporated lands. About whom everyone is skeptical/xenophobic.

  2. Tribes which had specific rights and privileges with respect to Rome, that stopped short of full citizenship were called Foederati. Individuals who were then granted full citizenship would be given a diploma to mark the distinction.

    Prior to that, when the tribes were in Italy they were called the Latinatas…which also conveyed rights but stopped short of being full citizens.

  3. General free men who were not Roman citizens were termed Peregrini (singular Peregrinus), which IIRC correctly meant literally “from another field” aka foreigner.

    That was the vast majority of people living inside the borders if the Empire until later when emperors would bribe entire regions by making them citizens.

    There was also “gentium” which basically meant people, but in practice meant people other than citizens aka also foreigners.

  4. Oh! These people are explicitly not natives to the nation that has chosen them to take on this special role. They’re like…token recruits. Make the new folks feel included but we’re not really going to respect you.

  5. Here is Sir Reginald, first son of the Duke of Windsong Peak and commander of his family’s ancestral guard.

    Here is Shasarra the Hawk, bastard daughter of High Queen Ilyr and in line for nothing, but one simply must respect the breeding.

    And this is Tharn Cobbler, third son of Dweg Cobbler and nobody of formal note. He is unsurpassed in the art of swordplay. His lovers are legendary.

    Oh and let’s not forget Melis Goodgold, daughter of the Goodgold shipping family. No noble blood but we must respect her family’s treasure and armada. I guess.

    And finally. Finally I present Krang. Yes just Krang. Note the terrifying demeanor. Take note of his people’s traditional tattoos and scarification. Yes, horrible I know, but his lands have recently joined the Realm and his people deserve a place on the Council. He can sit with the cobbler, yes.

    that last guy, what is he?

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