Wizards Aren’t Gentlemen

Wizards Aren’t Gentlemen

More games before the games! Folks are trying out Wizards Aren’t Gentlemen, a gmless/ful PbtA card game (the first one in the series is What Ho, World, and they’re by the guy who designed Legacy). It looks interesting! Lots of little complicating relationships, goals to aim for, moves. Moves! I’d play but I’m just chilling for this one.

Looks like we’ve already chased Kenneth Hite​ away.

Jerry Grayson​ MadJay Brown​ Aaron Feild​ Patrick Riegert​ Jeremiah Frye​

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  1. I haven’t played this, but we played a 5 player game of What Ho, World at Forge Midwest. It was really fun, but a little long with 5. It might need some rules tweaks at that player count.

  2. Only had three scenes, setup took a while, kind of Fiasco-y. Setting up scenes is pretty straightforward, working toward goals incrementally. Everyone wants to hit their goals so folks can kind of overwhelm how much a scene can cover. Works well but the first playthrough was clunky, they said.

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