War Birds Spam

War Birds Spam
Supporting versus Preordering

So Kickstarter. Totally a preorder system, amirite? I mean, that’s generally how I use it. Something cool comes around, I’m a well trained consumer with some impulse control issues, I sink my money into it and tada, it’s like Christmas a few months later when something I totally forgot about shows up in my mailbox.

But despite my cynicism about Kickstarter’s higher virtues, I actually do use it to back things I want to see in the world.

I’m not a freeform player, but War Birds is one of a few things I’ve put some backing behind because I think the cause is righteous. I don’t do it a lot! The last thing I backed for cultural and not (strictly) design reasons was Dangers Untold. Oh and a couple cons I can’t personally attend but want to see succeed anyway.

I think they’re just a few days out, and it looks like there’s one more stretch goal at $10k. It’s honestly a pretty modest campaign, and boy am I glad. 

I’m not really sure where my brain draws the line between preordering and supporting, but wherever that line is, War Birds crossed it.

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  1. I don’t know. I’m about 50/50. I’ve backed an indie yarn dyer so she can get more lighting for her studio. I’ve backed a book on Japanese Heraldry because it was the only way it was happening. I backed a restoration of a mosaic in Egypt by a team from the Netherlands because 1200 year old mosaic!

    Then again, I backed Exploding Kittens. 😉 Also, I wanted the Japanese heraldry book, as I volunteer in onomastics.

    So, yes and no.

  2. So I’ll tell you what I’ve told the other “I’m not a larp guy, but I’ll back this because awesome” folks: 

    Next time we’re in a place together, I’ll run any of these games for you. Boom.

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