Urban Shadows

Urban Shadows
Prep Ugh

Since I’ve got uh…some time on my hands today, I’m finally getting around to formal US prep.

It’s virtually identical to off the shelf Apocalypse World, with Threats (no Fronts). There’s also an overarching theme they call a Storm, which I guess is a super Front. I’ve read that chapter and I can’t make it stick, dunno why not.

One thing that surprised me is that they didn’t actually say how many Threats to cook up, nor how many Threats per Front. I seem to recall that AW recommends…four maybe? As much as I adore postapoc fiction, I don’t know why I haven’t run it a lot more

Anyway,I can’t decide if leaving that out is purposeful or just an oversight. If it’s purposeful, maybe a little discussion about how many Threats is “enough” would have been nice. I mean it’s no big, easily handled. Just surprising.

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  1. It’s like a huge Front, I guess. And it looks like you can have multiple Storms.

    I’m reading it through again now. There’s this thematic idea that a Storm represents something the city “needs.” It’s a good metaphor. Having a hard time applying it.

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