Urban Shadows

Urban Shadows
Ugh Prep

The helper sheet is missing one of the five Threat types.

Three Threats feels thin.

That is all.

Actually I wish the faction moves, MC moves, threat moves, agenda, principles and names were all on a single sheet of paper. I mean practically speaking, who doesn’t draw big relationship maps for this kind of game?

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0 thoughts on “Urban Shadows”

  1. Mapping relationships is kind of interesting. I wondered if there’s an easy way to represent and play with these kind of information dense webs (excluding an agent-based approach).

  2. Nathan Paoletta threat prep is very much experimental! Normally I don’t, but I want to see how it interacts with the Start of Session move.

    I fear it’ll be like that video where you pour a little water on a chemical and giant tentacles go shooting off in every direction.

  3. I always was of the impression that threats and fronts were just a codification of a certain form of “best practice” and was always intended to fade away once you’d internalized it (or something like it).

    I don’t use them either.

  4. I really want to (for jokez) but I can’t because I’m a nice guy, and cuz I don’t actually think that’s it, either.

    It’s probably the idea that anything we do is ever gonna change the fact that D&D always has and always will be what represents “role playing games” in larger culture.

  5. You guys are all morons. Leaving aside AW’s mechanical innovation (the 10+, 7-9, 6- framework), it’s greatest contribution to gaming is its ability to teach GMs how to play it. Fronts are a crucial component of that and eminently exportable to all other games. 

    To sum up, you’re all morons.

  6. Dave Turner I agree with you, except that the idea that Fronts are part of it in any meaningful way. That’s just silly and bad and wrong. 

    Urban Shadows, in fact, works better without Fronts. 100% AP backed.

  7. I’m only here to disturb some shit.

    I recognize your contention that I’m silly, bad, and wrong, Brand Robins, and reject it. I also admit that I own Urban Shadows, have not read it, and that you may be right based on your actual understanding of both games.

    I contain multitudes (who are not, in any reasonable sense, working to maintain civility in this discussion).

  8. This thread has gotten totally off track. I came here to make Paul do some graphic design, and now we’re talking about the dumbest thing in gaming, which is obviously my chicken game.

    Now, Paul, go open up InDesign and don’t come back until you’ve solved our problem.

  9. There is a level of schtick that happens sometimes that I could do without. Depends on the thread. This one isn’t a big deal. Keep reading me, you’ll figure out the characters.

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