Can someone please synopsize the major positions presented in the various epic, out-of-the-blue RPG theory threads floating around the past day or two? What actual new material is being presented?

I’m interested! Honestly! But the on-ramp is just too damn long now.

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  1. I keep coming across some deeeeeep shit about the Big Model and the esteemed Mr. Vincent Baker from +1’s in my feed, but I’m so far outta my league there that I’ve given up trying to understand. I believe my road to RPG Nirvana has fallen to lack of infrastructure upkeep.

    However, something tells me, that’s not what you’re talking about.

  2. I’ve copied and tidied up the core of the big “I am so dumb” thread. I’ll try and streamline it for public consumption tomorrow.

  3. As far as I could tell from that miles-long thread which was initially Vincent singing about himself feeling stupid?

    I think it was about recognizing that a lot of the big model terms were outdated and narrower than initially thought.

    I’m probably wrong, but so are half the things said there, I’m guessing? To me it felt like more arguments about defining things.

  4. I believe that it’s a shorthand way of saying “gamist”, “narrativist”, and “simulationist” or GNS. Three ways to describe aspects of roleplaying games.

  5. That thread of mine is like the arguments your grandparents used to have, 60 years in the making, where your grandmother says “well at least I don’t forget to change the lightbulbs” and it reduces your grandfather to speechless rage and nobody but them has the least clue why, and everyone fiddles with their forks and hopes it passes quickly. Like the least funny in-joke in the world.

  6. Oh!

    Here I was hoping there were some new insights.

    A couple people posted links to your thing, Vincent Baker​, with comments along the lines of “this is so great, this is why I love Plus!” And I went in, scrolled for 20 minutes, and wasn’t sure what to make of it.

  7. I can only assume that they love Plus because they agree that I’m stupid.

    Nah, I mean, maybe I said something interesting in there somewhere, who knows. But anybody who wants to know what I think should just ask me, they don’t have to wade through THAT.

  8. I read along in that thread and I think I understood Vincent Baker ‘s position afterwards. But I am sure he is right too about there being better tools to get it. Like asking.

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