This year’s #RPGaDAY2017 thing doesn’t WTF as bad as last year’s, so alas there will be no #indiegameaday2017….

This year’s #RPGaDAY2017 thing doesn’t WTF as bad as last year’s, so alas there will be no #indiegameaday2017. Please, hold your applause.

First day’s question is pretty good! What published RPG do you wish you were playing right now?

Super conditional question and so, so many answers. Changes on whether “playing” excludes facilitating. It doesn’t, at least in my head. Maybe there’s a question later this month about playing vs facilitating.

AT HOME I wish I was running Torchbearer. Which I’m going to be, starting tonight, so yay self-actualization. I’m skeptical that my players — six of them! — will gain traction on the system mastery required to make the game work for them.

MY HEART wishes I was playing Pendragon, which is a pretty common feeling ’round these parts lately. Dunno who would run Pendragon, given the epic workload for the responsible party.

MY BRAIN wishes I was twelve turns into Apocalypse World 2E and that I had discovered the secret to running it past 5 turns.

MY SPIRIT wishes I could get everyone to come along for the ride on an extended Urban Shadows game but oh god the passive-aggressive resistance. So much heel dragging.

MY SPLEEN wishes someone was running Burning Wheel here, mostly to shut up my “BW and only BW” folks and, yeah, because it’s great to play. Dunno that I’ll ever be able to run it again though.

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0 thoughts on “This year’s #RPGaDAY2017 thing doesn’t WTF as bad as last year’s, so alas there will be no #indiegameaday2017….”

  1. Even though last year’s #indiegameaday experiment went over so smoothly? 🙂

    And you’re now the second person-whose-opinion-I-value to pick Pendragon. I’ll have to look into that.

  2. My answer was inspired by Brand Robins’ post, which should be unsurprising because we are frequently brain bros.

    I should clarify that I wish I was in a game of Pendragon that had, or would, last(ed) through the Anarchy phase of the Great Pendragon Campaign.

  3. Going forward I’m going to assume the pluses are for my marvelous Venn diagram and not in support of me bypassing #indiegameaday2017.

    (Let me have my fantasies!)

  4. I want to run Exile so I can get the $%&%* thing playtested already. :'(

    EDIT: But you said “published”, so I guess Blades in the Dark, probably? AW 2e?

  5. My weekly D&D 3.5 campaign recently made me want to just be playing anything else, so my list could really be rather large.

    (Ok, you get shot with an arrow. Roll spot. [clatter] You don’t see anything. Next round, you move, you get shot with an arrow. Roll spot. [clatter] …)

  6. That chart is pretty much the best. Can I steal it when I write about “social infrastructure necessary to actually play a game”?

  7. Oh man I have heard some pretty amazing stories about Pendragon sessions. It didn’t make my list because I don’t have the first edition and I am waiting with baited breath for the new edition.

  8. Paul Beakley whoops. Got confused. I was thinking of Prince Valiant that you could pledge at a level that would also get you the 5.2 edition of Pendragon which is the same as 5.0 but with new artwork.

    Having never played Pendragon I don’t know if that’s good, I just assumed it was.

  9. I think anything from 3 on is the same.

    There was some version that tried to fold in magic and other stuff and it’s mostly distracting.

  10. Mostly I’d be thrilled for a print edition where all the accumulated errata was in place and proofed. You’d think but now it would be a perfectly stable text.

  11. My big three games I want to run or play plus a bonus: 1) 13th Age. It’s just too damn fun.
    2) Mutants and Masterminds. Crunchy Super fun. Much faster than Hero System.
    3) Mekton Zeta. Yes, it’s still more or less in print. I just wish I had my old crew of gearheads.
    Bonus) Microscope. I view it as building background as well as a game in itself.

  12. What are the nuts and bolts, real session to session prep needed for Pendragon? Specifically the GPC? I guess I want to take a class on how to run it.

    The games that people hate to run are usually fun for me to run…

  13. Depends, honestly. Running straight GPC is as easy as reading the book. But I’m not really sure anyone does that. We used the framework as a backdrop, as the obligations the knights have to their lord. Mostly they did what they wanted, reacting to the constant accumulation of events and problems generated by the passage of years while building their legacy. They worked on finding suitable wives, building their manors, forging alliances, all that.

    It’s a very holistic game, with so many factors feeding into a big sprawling situation. It’s organic rather than purposefully directed, which I feel like is a very different school of play than either indie storygaming or trad tactical play.

  14. Paul Beakley yeah we had both sorts. Bothe family/dynasty building and the more story driven adventures… depending on the year and how much was going on… and sometimes the dice just called for a story too; One knight completely botching his Hate Saxons passion and slaughtering a village full of Wotan-worshipers on the Frankish coast. Women and children all… and got cursed by an old crone for his trouble, resulting in his first born son being replaced by fairies and so on and so forth…. of course he got three daughters first so there was a bit of delay there… 🙂 then to venture into Arcadia to get him back.

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