The Secret Project

The Secret Project

I did get a bit of playtesting in on my as-yet-unnamed game. I was feeling disappointed/salty about having kind of squandered an opportunity for a larger playtesting audience at NewMexicon, but a semi-disastrous run Monday night made me grateful I’d just played and had a good time tbh.

Then, moments after deciding my project was irredeemably flawed and needed indefinite shelving, I think we came up with what will be a very fun, very hot PbtA variant that handles PvP tension (the failure point of my design, which demands tons of it). Bidding! Bluffing! Full body engagement!

If 30-second “what if” test scenarios got everyone going oooOOOooo! I have to think it’s at least worth considering for a cornerstone procedure.

Which of course means I’ll be starting my… fifth, maybe, version. The premise is mostly unchanged but all that design sweat, aieee.

Sure makes me wish I had some kind of playstorming environment here on the regular. Ah well, just need to convince everyone to drop everything and fly out quarterly.

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