The Secret Project

The Secret Project

I’m about to send out the first alpha draft. There are missing pieces. It’s nowhere near “done” but it’s a draft of all the playable rules.

Comment if you want to read, and let me know if you want to read this early alpha, a later alpha, or a more polished beta.

If you’re going to NewMexicon I’ll be running this once or twice. If you want to maintain the surprise (Joe Beason!) you might not want to read this draft. Orrr yeah, get in on it so you know what you’re in for. I’m cool either way.

My goal with this early alpha read is to nail down any obviously fucked up rules or ideas. My pre-alpha worldwide premiere first run is actually gonna be this Sunday, so if there are obvious problems I’d love to catch ’em before then.

It’s a big sprawly game, I won’t lie. That may be a strength or it may be what kills it. So don’t expect to get into it for 15 minutes and give it a quick scan.

Anyway! Going to bed. Again, comment if you’re interested and let me know how you’re interested (first, second or third reading round). You’ll only get in on one of the reading rounds, unless you’re on my super duper secret Most Appreciated Ultra Pro list, so choose wisely. 😉

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  1. In this thread Paul demonstrates the fine art of weeding out applicants who can’t follow simple instructions.

    And Paul’s friends demonstrate they’re all egotistical enough to assume they’re on the Ultra-pro list.

  2. Happy to provide feedback at whatever stage you think I’ll be of most use. That could mean “at no stage” and that’s fine, too. 😉

  3. Hi Paul, you can include me however you would prefer. Honestly, I will probably be bad at seeing game design flaws, because I don’t have the experience you and others have with many many games, but I might have some useful editing comments (wording, logical flow) if you are interested in that sort of thing.

  4. Everyone so far: thank you! I’m thinking about how to use everyone who’s offering.

    I’d also love it if some women would look at it in the very earliest stage as well. Pre-alpha for me is “does this sound playable and interesting” and “does it even make sense” time.

    If anyone thinks of anyone please plus them in?

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