The Great Trad/Indie Divide

The Great Trad/Indie Divide

Favorite overheard snark at RinCon, at the table next to me as I’m setting up Night Witches.

Guy 1: What are they playing over there?

Guy 2: I think it’s an Apocalypse World game.

Guy 1: I heard of that! It’s that one where you can roll to have sex. I don’t get it.

Guy 2: Listen. I’ve had a girlfriend, I know what it’s like to have sex. What I want to know is what it’s like to kill a monster.

Guy 1: I hear you.

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  1. On a 10+, you have sex and it is good.
    On a 7-9, you have sex and it is bad.
    On a 6-, all day you dream about sex.

  2. LOL at Bret Gillan . Actually, I’ll do you one better!

    BROs decide to give Apoc World a try anyway

    Four hours of typical Apocalypse World play later…

    BRO 1’s Battlebabe shoots BRO 2’s Hardholder in the face.

    BRO 1: I now know exactly what it is like to kill a monster.

  3. The sex moves in AW are the main reason I’ll never play that game. It’s not that I don’t like sex, and i think it’s totally ok to have games with this kind of mechanics, but I really don’t want to have any kind of exogenous pressure on people to have in-game sex while I’m around. It just makes me feel awful, and I’d probably x-card it immediately.

  4. Paolo Greco I know what you are saying but I think it is totally possible to play without them. It has only very rarely kicked in in my games (several campaigns) and then has been off-screen.

  5. I’m in two AW games at the moment, maybe 10-12 sessions altogether. So far, I haven’t seen any sex moves used. But it’s good to know we have rules for that, as we have rules to kill monsters (none of that has happened either :).

  6. I always play the Battlebabe in AW because their sex move is that other people’s sex moves don’t work on them. Take that, you sex monsters.

  7. I kinda hate the sex moves that ignore sex moves. I’d rather that disinterest be handled between people rather than be offloadable to fiction. I get why it works for the Battlebabe, though.

  8. (In other words I have a hangup about sex in RPGs but that’s my hangup not other people’s, so thanks for the free out, Vincent Baker )

  9. Yeah, they were right behind you! Everyone was buried in playbook selection and it was a real struggle to either not burst out laughing or throw something.

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