The Big Bad Con Kickstarter is live!

The Big Bad Con Kickstarter is live!

I’m thrilled to announce Big Bad Con is happening October 14-16! This year we’re moving to a new hotel, the Walnut Creek Marriott, which has some amazing amenities including more private gaming rooms, much better access to local eating, and beautiful spaces for both gaming and socializing.

We’re also adding a new gaming track this year, Big Bad Teens. For the first time gamers 13-17 will be able to join in the fun at Big Bad Con. Plus we have some amazing special guests like John Harper, Donna Prior, Jason Morningstar, and Tanya DePass.

To cover the costs of our expansion, we’ve launched a campaign on Kickstarter

If you’re already planning to attend, hop over there and you can buy a badge along with some other perks added in. If you can’t make it but want to support the con, either by adding to the scholarship fund (with backing levels starting at only $10) or as a sponsor of some of our gaming spaces, your contributions would be greatly appreciated!

Finally, we’ve got a couple pledge levels that offer rewards outside of the con. You can play an online game run by one of [how many?] amazing game developers through the Big Bad Online backer level. And by backing at Baba Yaga’s Mystery Box, you will receive in the mail a box of goodies curated by game designers, authors, artists, and other awesome people.

Big Bad Con 2016 is going to be amazing and I really hope you can be there! Thank you for all your support!

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  1. I’ve never met Sean. How fit is he? Mark is so busy working on kickstarters I think his cardio isn’t great. But there’s always a punchers chance.

  2. I am thinking about NewMexiCon this year myself, as long as it doesn’t conflict with a trip to Edmonton that month. Look forward to seeing the dates

  3. Mark Diaz Truman has slept in my home and supped at my table. It would break the bonds of hospitality for me to do violence against him. That said, if it’s required for your attendance Paul… strap on those gloves Truman!

  4. Dammit! I went looking for an 80s movie poster that would be better then Fight Club. Now I just want to play Action Movie World and am wondering how old my kids need to be before I watch Invasion U.S.A or Enter the Ninja with them.

    Also, I hope I see you at NewMexiCon this year Paul Beakley!

  5. Sean is so ripped, he picked me up and carried me around the dance floor at BBC’13, during the Imperial Academy Dropout set! Rock on!

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