So I have a website now

So I have a website now

But there’s literally nothing on it! What should I do with Some things I know I want to do:

* Somehow archive the IGRC posts. I have no automated way to do that unfortunately, and I’m not a scripting person. I did find a decent Chrome app called Feed+ and I was able to pull down, like, 20 previous posts, and it’s aggregating posts going forward (and I have a way to turn them into permanent content on my end), but I’ve got hundreds of posts in the Collection now.

* Holding area for finished and WIP designs.

* Maybe sell stuff at some point and/or hype a Patreon. That’s stage 3, not even worth thinking about yet.

Taking ideas below.

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  1. 1. You could start small by linking to the collection itself or the posts individually.

    2. A ludography might be a good idea, so that visitors have an idea what games you consider within scope.

    3. You may have posted this to the collection, but a meta-document explaining your approach to writing what you write, why you write what you do, etc.

    4. A curriculum vitae.

  2. Paul Beakley That one post was the only one I noticed with the email addresses. Looks like it’s pulling it from the Google Drive part of the post. Might just be a fluke related to Drive?

    Echoing Mark Delsing’s ideas for sure. A page with a list of the games you’ve previously discussed and/or games that are on your list to discuss/play (is that considered part of ludography?).

  3. I would definitely define what you mean by “indie” somewhere. E.g., you’ve included games like Mutant, TOR, and Pendragon in the collection, but a lot of folks would not consider them “indie”.

  4. Some lists – games playing/played, prepping, reading, watching, hunting, tweaking/ed writing….
    Maybe some cross-links to BGG-RPGs?
    Maybe a taxonomy of indie play techniques? (for tagging articles)

  5. Good, yeah, I’ve been thinking about taxonomy for sure.

    Something I super do not want to do is move my IGRC postings to a blog format. And I personally hate, and hardly ever, go through someone’s link when they post a link in Plus back to their blog. So the website would, I think, need to provide all the support stuff that Plus is no good at, specifically archiving and search, but also the stuff I write that I feel like is more reference material than right-now opinion/conversation piece.

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