Six days before Space Wurm vs Moonicorn starts in earnest!

Six days before Space Wurm vs Moonicorn starts in earnest!

It’s kind of been almost too much time for prep. I was excited the first week, kind of slacked off the second week, now we’re into the third week and I’m back to antsy again but I know the players have forgotten stuff that I haven’t. Aggravating! But hopefully temporary.

If someone sicks out next week I swear I’m gonna…gonna…wait another week.

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  1. My experience with PbtA games is limited by having only read a bit. That being said, allow me to ask my question: is this a game system that is heavily impacted by player no-shows? Is it a game stopper? If so, is this a symptom of all PbtA games or this particular one with its PvP attribute?

  2. Clint Shulenski I wrote about this a couple weeks ago, but the tl;dr is that PbtA style games are mostly premised on really tight situations created right at the beginning. Tight is also brittle. So, yeah.

    The PvP bit of this game is especially hard to deal with. And it works best with a high player count imo. It’s kind of obnoxious to table.

  3. Paul Beakley I disagree with something! I think a lot of pbta games are good with rotating casts, so long as Hx (or whatever equivalent) can be figured out, and so long as each session can end well.

  4. William Nichols figure out out every session from scratch? Maybe. Feels disruptive, hard to keep true to the fiction. Have you done it? How did you do it?

    I have no idea how you’d do it in SWvM.

  5. Clint Shulenski​ some will work okay with no shows (Monster of the Week and Dungeonworld come to mind). Others are wound tight with relationships between PCs having mechanical impact and being a key feature of the game.

  6. I can’t speak to SWvM, but for every other pbta game I’ve played I’m able to just have other characters off doing other things seamlessly, and then throw together some quick “recap” move to catch them up at the beginning of the next session.

  7. Agreed: with SWvM a rotating cast would be weird hard. Any of the games with hard first of session framing — MotW, Urban Shadows, heck even AW — could work fine with characters subbing in and out.

  8. One thing I’ve wanted to try, can’t remember who suggested out (maybe J. Walton​?) is formalized troupe play, so any combination of players can engage with a subset of characters with connections.

  9. Paul Beakley I do a rotating cast in Urban Shadows. I have no formal method for it aside from “make sure everyone has their own shit to deal with, and throw love letters at those who miss”.

  10. Aaron Griffin no issues from your players about Debt they can’t cash? Do you run it really episodically?

    I suspect episodic, self-contained sessions would go some ways toward making it all work.

  11. Paul Beakley closer to story arc play, and I try not to fault them for not getting immediately to one problem if the cast isn’t right for it.

    They don’t have a lot of PC-PC debts though, which might be why it works. They tend towards being “friends” and usually make two sided deals (“I’ll give you X if you help me with Y first”) that result in no net debts

  12. I’m definitely interested in the troupe format. I don’t know if any pbta games formalize or even discuss it. AFAIK the classic for that is Ars Magica. As I said on a previous thread – I feel like it could be done with SWvM as long as you were willing to bounce around a bit location-wise and slightly time-wise.

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