Okay, actual talk time now.

Okay, actual talk time now.

If I put up, dunno, a Payhip or a Patreon or something to pay for a copy of this, would I be able to cover the nut? It’s like $250 or so.

In return I would totally tear it down, write about it, spoil the shit out of it or whatever. It seems like the kind of thing where folks who were ready to splash out for this ultra-luxe product probably had already done so based entirely on the strength of Monte Cook’s name, or are holding back because they’re not really sure what they’re getting out of it.

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  1. Joe Beason right? It’s of interest to some of my audience but not the whole shebang. I’m interested in it as an artifact and a phenomenon as well as as a game experience.

    Probably I would seek out interviews with folks who have played or are playing it as well. Kind of a bigger journalistic piece than my essays usually are.

  2. I don’t own it. But I have played two sessions of it, as well as a group part of the world creation get together session, and there should be more. It’s as much an artefact as a game. The tactile nature of the thing is equal parts help and hindrance. Generally, the system is a clear improvement on Cypher, and I quite like it. It incorporates some indie tech, though it’s nowhere near as radical as it thinks it is.

    The world has plenty of flavour, and character ideas are easy to come by. It feels a lot like Planescape, which I like, though it doesn’t all “work” for me, and parts are just odd for the sake of it. It’s not coherent. Still, the game’s pretty good overall. Not worth it for me personally to own, but I’m happy playing.

  3. I’m curious to really hear anything about it. It was kickstarted and our for retail now and yet I’ve heard zilch. Not even a cursor photo of some happy camper opening the box. I’m sure it’s there, I haven’t gone looking, I’m just surprised I haven’t casually seen a single thing about it.

    That curiosity isn’t something that I’d pay for, though I would definitely enjoy reading your take on it.

  4. I was turned off by both the price point and the example of play video on the MCGames site. Weirdly I saw some small game store owner in northern Alabama had an unboxing video on their FB page. I boggled that there would be a market for it there. But what the hell do I know. I’d patreon IGRC for in-depth articles/reviews, regardless.

  5. Paul Mitchener I’d be particularly interested in how it’s an improvement on Cypher. I have the KS of Numenara and found the system there to be ok. Entirely suited to the sort of magic-GM-tells-a-wondrous-story play that celebrity GMs like Monte (et al) are famous for.

  6. Not certain about the coherency of the idea of raising the entire cost of the product from backers looking for a review of one particular product. If you don’t see any any value such that you’d be willing to pay some fraction of the cost yourself, doesn’t that pretty much people everything they need to know about your opinion of the game? Unless, I suppose, people were paying for the pleasure of an epic takedown, or something.

  7. Introducing the visionary, paradigm-pulverizing tabletop role-playing game INVISIBLE MUM! You inhabit a surreal world of a Limbinate Antigropelos, effervescing between the Hitherfore and the Ochre Battuere. Battle the Seven Ferrets of Irreality, De-mendabulate the Zabite, and return to find your room cleaned and your laundry folded by the force of the INVISIBLE MUM!

    I’d chip in. My bile ducts need recharging. Or I’m curious.

  8. Dave Turner eventually that will be the only kind of tabletop role-playing. It’s well suited to entertaining streaming which is how all table top roleplayers in the future will learn how to play, and most similar to CRPGs which is what most gamers mean when they say “RPG” anyway.

    Taco-bell will win the franchise wars.

  9. Ralph Mazza but surely you’ll have to fund Paul interviewing me to find that out…

    More seriously, it’s far less GM-led than I’d expected (a good thing for me) and certainly far less GM-led than Cypher. Though some of the text seems to suggest that not being GM-led is something radical and new, and that bugs me for a different reason. Though maybe it is something new for much of the game’s market.

  10. Adam Day – Same. To paraphrase my absolute favourite moment from the IGRC: I’ve had a girlfriend. I know what it’s like to play Mage the Ascension. What I don’t know, is how the Beak would tear this down.

  11. I am in to contribute. Bonus if we can add a “get the look for less” element where you provide games at lower price points that do thing X in a good way for folks seeking to get at some of the treasure in the gilded box.

  12. It has lots of cool stuff inside, and so far my dachshunds haven’t put nose marks all over it – which makes me think it’s not really an RPG.

  13. No particular interest in the game (maybe because I don’t really know what it is), but I like the potential of long form, researched RPG journalism supported by patronage.

  14. I backed the first Kickstarter, and got my black box (all 13kg of it, much of that being a bronze hand). So, clearly having more money than sense, Paul Beakley, if you send me a PayPal address, I can send you the cash to do this. Call it a grant, or whatever.

  15. Lester Ward well, I’ll set the whole thing up somehow so folks can pitch in. I mean I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean aaaaalll the cash. Good grief!

    That said, MadJay Brown got fucking given the black box by his flgs. Who gives these things?!

  16. Nonsense. You’re one good Engagement Roll away from being in his backyard, your face blackened after rubbing a burned wine cork across it. Just choose your approach and let the Flashbacks sort out the rest.

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