Mutant: Year Zero

Mutant: Year Zero

Another good game of MYZ with a really fun and excellent table: Brand Robins​, Mikael Andersson​, Misha B​, Carly Knight​ and M. P. O’Sullivan​. A little ark drama, a horrific clusterfuck in the Zone…yeah.

Had my first Chronicler in a one-shot and the player and I had a tiny bit of trouble getting traction with it. But hey, between Misha’s cherry bourbon, Mikael’s fudge and amazingly terrible death spiral rolls, you can’t not have a good time.

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  1. Most amazing spinal injury I’ve ever had. Thanks Paul!
    ( Hans Messersmith​, Justin Folkerts​, Mark Mueller​, Derek Smyk​ – I thought of you the whole time I played this – you’d love this game!)

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