Mutant: Genlab Alpha

Mutant: Genlab Alpha

Animal cards are laminated, cut, and looking pretty sweet. And then I remember there’s a non-trivial chance my MGA table won’t even fill up this weekend.

Well whatever, now I have them. (And duh, I’m already wishing I’d included one more thing.)

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0 thoughts on “Mutant: Genlab Alpha”

  1. I just checked into the scheduler and there’s only two people pre-registered for my table. The heck? My events sell out in 12 hours or less when I leave the state. Tragic.

    Looks like crashing my table won’t be a problem, Mark Diaz Truman!

  2. Google search. Fria Ligan posted a lot of material during the Kickstarter.

    I think the cat is not; looks like it was in someone’s anthropomorphic Pinterest.

  3. Is your game on Saturday morning? Against the headliner GM’s conference? (after so many I’m leaning to game in that slot too, but it is a huge draw for your target audience)

  4. Oh. Oh oh. Yeah I saw this. I’m…not the target demographic. It’s perfectly well explained, I just don’t attend panels unless I’m speaking on them.

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