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  1. Is there a similar word for continuing to add items to your Instapaper/Reading List/Pocket account and/or your YouTube “Watch Later” list even though you haven’t read or watched any of the items already there? “Cause there oughta be.

  2. Mark Delsing i read an article about psychology of that a long time ago, and it’s related to the “someday” thing – you note something to be read/watched “someday” because you don’t have the time or energy right now without realizing that you probably won’t have the time or energy when you come back to it either.

  3. These days I find myself asking “does me backing this Kickstarter mean that something that might not otherwise get made will actually get made?”

    If the answer is no, I’m probably not backing. Even though there are lots of awesome games! I just don’t have the focus or energy anymore.

    Backing games that do new shit, bring new people in, get new designers going — I’ll still do that. But past that the golden age of game design is starting to leave me behind as I retreat into my dotage.

  4. 7th Continent will be showing up for me sometime in the next couple of months and now I’m looking at my older board games, thinking… I’m not even playing those!

    For videos/movies/tv, I’m putting them all into a web app that is helping me sort them by desire. I’ll never get to the bottom of that list, but it gives me peace knowing everything is at least ON that list.

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