Montsegur 1244

Montsegur 1244

My word, what a beautiful production. Feels handcrafted but also highly polished. The book is nicely made, the playmat is beyootiful, cards and other stuff all jammed in there. Feels like it’s worth the $50ish I payed.

This has made me itchy and curious to seek out other small-press productions that have stretched beyond ye olde perfect bound book. Fall of Magic I think will be similar. 

This is going way-high on my to-play list. Might haul it along to NMCon to give it its first spin.

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  1. Oooo. Intriguing concept and very artsy. All those components ooze with theme.

    Obviously not the same game, but I’m sensing  a slight…Durance vibe here? Headed for disaster, things are already not in our favor, but lets see how we make the best of it if we can at all?

  2. Well…yeah maybe! It’s GMless. I think you play a stable of characters. It ends in tragedy. 

    I need to read the rulebook and get a better bead on how things play out. Adam D recently played it, he has a better idea of how to explain it.

  3. Adam Day there’s not much hope. Maybe less than Durance.

    The game takes place from 1243-1244, in a fortress belonging to a heretical Christian sect. There are three structured acts, plus a prologue and an epilogue. Each player controls a small number of characters from a fixed pool. Each character has a name, age, rank, and a few leading questions. Each player (not character) gets one scene per act. At the end, there’s an epilogue. At most one character can escape. Everyone else chooses between renouncing everything they believe, or death in fire.

    It’s pretty brutal, especially if everyone plays it straight and takes it seriously.

  4. Yeah, those Italians really know how to production value.

    I have this edition myself. Also, in addition to FoM, there are (/me looks over his box sets) Dog Eat Dog, Mouse Guard, Freemarket, Serial Homicide Unit, and Zombie Cinema.

  5. Even though it’s got premade characters and a kinda-strict structure, I’ve played it 3 times so far and it’s always been different and amazing. Definitely a big influence on my RPG thinking these days.

  6. (Shameless plug) You could take a look at The Daughters of Verona at IPR. Also a boxed game with pretty cards. It is based on the mechanics for M1244, but you play a Shakespearean comedy, and thus you are guaranteed a happy ending.

  7. Their website frequently just doesn’t work right for me and I purchased some stuff from them before and didn’t get it for a long while with no explanation. It has (had?) a poor UI, expensive shipping, and low quality customer service. YMMV

  8. I’m off IPR as well. There was this problem for the longest time where it simply would not offer me shipping choices.

    Customer service was all ¯\(ツ)

  9. I haven’t made an IPR order in years. I can’t get anything shipped to Canada for less than half the order price, if I can get it at all. $25 shipping for a $50 order is ridiculous, even by today’s freight rates.

  10. Joseph Le May , there is a print and play version on DriveThruRPG. With some nice card protectors you can build a durable set yourself. But then you have to build your own box. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the kind words, Paul Beakley. The beatiful production is the work of Claudia Cangini. Adam Day , your copy shipped from Sweden on 9/9, two days later than Paul’s. Please do let me know if you have not recieved it by mid next week.

  12. Adam D What the rest of G+ doesn’t know is that we’re the one digital entity, surfing the nodes using multiple identities to search for the perfect flesh body for which to take over the world.

    (I’d use my first name, but damned if that is ever going to happen. It’s awful and not me.)

  13. Thanks Frederik Jensen ! My, I have read some pretty flattering comments about the edition here. To tell the truth it was really a work of love since this is how much I like this game.

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