Mierda, last minute game night cancellation. No Cartel!

Mierda, last minute game night cancellation. No Cartel!

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0 thoughts on “Mierda, last minute game night cancellation. No Cartel!”

  1. Are you feeling slightly spooky about Stress as well, Steve Hickey? It feels to me like — and this is so dumb that probably it should not even be said — one of the basic MC moves should be “inflict Stress as established.”

  2. Exactly. There were at least two points during Tuesday’s game where I
    looked at the list of MC moves, expecting that to be there.

    I was also surprised that more people didn’t gain Stress in play. Well, the
    Halcon got up to 5 in his first scene, but everyone else stayed around 2-3.
    I’m going to have to really study the moves, their triggers and effects,
    and make sure I’m applying them properly.

  3. Jason Morningstar​ actually the GM can apply stress at will (EDIT: BUT NOT LIKE SOME KIND OF RAILROADING ASSHOLE). I thought it was only player facing moves as well! But I confirmed it is not.

  4. You’re not the only one! I’ve misread that at least four times now!

    Also, Mark Diaz Truman, while we have your attention, it looks like the Spouse playbook has the Cop’s advancement options in the ‘Playbooks’ document.

  5. TBH I think I’m a little lazy reading MC Moves lists myself.

    There are a few things about wading around inside lots of PbtA games that make for bad habits.

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