Logo Contest!

Okay, it’s high time I get this logo contest kicked off.

The Contest: A logo for the Indie Game Reading Club’s new website, which I will use at indiegamereadingclub.com and possibly future promotions.

The Prize: A phat stack of games from my collection that needs a new home. You won’t know what you’re getting! But I guarantee it’ll be worth well more than $100. Probably a lot more. +Andi Carrison did exactly this for me at the dawn of the Club, gifting me with tons of games, all interesting, some garbage, some indispensable. You will obviously need to provide a mailing address if you find you’ve won this box of kindling amazing loot.

Also eternal glory will be yours! I will sing your praises far and wide. In fact everyone who submits a design will get to show off their stuff here on the Plus. Yes, this is the exposure part of the contest.

Sorry about the no money thing. So far I’ve scored US$1.00 in donations on the website (thank you +Brian Kurtz!). Hopefully when the site stabilizes and I start posting more exclusive content there, folks will step up. But I’m already $120 in the hole.


  • You will submit a .png file at least 1000px square. Yes, this strongly implies I’m looking for something square-ish, or at least a similar width to height.
  • Email submissions to pbeakley at gmail dot com.
  • Set the background to transparent.
  • Don’t violate anyone’s copyright, trademark or other legal protections.
  • And finally: the winner agrees to grant me all possible rights to use the logo.

Deadline for submissions is January 15, 2019, midnight. I and a blue ribbon panel of influencers will make our final decision by January 20, 2019.

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