The Warren

You know what would be awesome functionality? If KS stopped emailing you when your friends backed something you backed. I got it, I’m in, leave me alone now plskthx.

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0 thoughts on “Kickstarter”

  1. I actually like the discovery mechanism leading up to the backing. But fucking hell you monster, YOU HAVE MY MONEY. What more do you want from me, Kickstarter?

  2. It’s only emailing you because you haven’t backed at the “Steve Segedy shows up at your house at 3am on a random night in a blood-soaked rabbit costume” level. If you did that, it’d be quiet, trust me.

  3. UPS has a special “freeze them in stasis and use slowtime” shipping package that would probably let you do the lower 48 for a hundred bucks.

  4. I actually really like that feature, because I have this one friend who is 100% “Oh My God No Sane Human Being Would Throw Money At That” or “How Many Goddamn Wallets Do You Need?” And it gives me one more reason to laugh at people I know.

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