Just backed it, but it took reading through the whole project for me to buy into what he’s doing.

Just backed it, but it took reading through the whole project for me to buy into what he’s doing.

Wrath is like a best-of collection of key concepts that are both instant turn-ons and turn-offs. So I back it with very mixed feelings.

* Empire builder game: yay!
* FATE based: boo! (Sorry!)
* Episodic play: yay!
* GMless: uhhh…depends! Not my favorite RPG configuration but then again this isn’t exactly an RPG.
* Troupe style play: also depends! Mostly I dislike the experience, but it seems good and necessary given the game’s goals.

I’m hoping to get some hands-on time with this when I see Phil Lewis​ at the end of October.

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  1. Thanks Paul! And, yeah, I hear you on the mixed (or negative) feelings with Fate. Wrath of the Autarch drifts enough that liking or not liking Fate doesn’t necessarily translate into liking or not liking Wrath of the Autarch. (That’s not the biggest indicator of who liked the game during playtests.)

    I know Jeremy Friesen has similar feelings regarding Fate, but is a Wrath of the Autarch fan! 🙂

  2. “Wrath of the Autarch is inspired by 4X video games like Civilization and Crusader Kings”

    Oh man. Right on the buttons. This is one of the times that I deeply regret my kickstarter purchase hiatus. Will have to wait until it’s published.

  3. I am on the record as not enjoying standard Fate very much, but WotA basically uses the Deck of Fate/Fate dice to drive all of the different subsystems, plus keeps the Aspects idea to structure individual characters and reflect the events of long-term play.

    IME (and I actually played a few versions ago, but from being neck-deep in the play aids and talking to Phil about it), it’s almost entirely a series of nested resource-management games that talk to each other in different ways depending on, y’know, what’s actually going on in the game.

  4. I had thought of using Fate dice to control subsystems over time periods (using the +/- to see if conditions improve or worsen, goods go up or down in value, etc.) because it would feel pretty intuitive. Looking forward to checking out this implementation 🙂

  5. I read in passing somewhere that the game works better with a Fate deck. True?

    Kind of wish you offered them as an add on if that is true. Just a thought!

  6. That is true! It’s a little less fiddly to use cards. But it works with dice. And yeah, I probably should have worked with Evil Hat ahead of time! Someone already joked with me that they should do a WotA Themed Fate Deck if I help them sell a bunch of copies.

  7. I’m sure it’s not too late! I’ve done plenty of Kickstarters with mid-flow add-ons. Totally standard play in the boardgame space.

    Buy them in bulk from the Hat at a discount, sell the book and cards as a convenience, make a little extra for your effort. Everyone wins, yay capitalism.

  8. …huh.

    That’s a interesting perspective, Jeremy Friesen. Fate leaves me cold but I’ve never really put together why it does. Disappointing, given the sheer volume of good Fate stuff available. I’m adding your thought to my internal list.

  9. Paul Beakley have you played Diaspora’s space combat mini-game? WotA is much more along those lines than along the free wheeling story game.

    I’m working on some interview questions for Phil that I hope provides greater clarity to these points.

  10. Hmm…maybe? We ran three sessions of Diaspora and the third sesh was such a drag (for reasons I never explored because I wasn’t thinking about systems that way back then). I honestly don’t remember if we ever did a space fight.

  11. Paul Beakley The space combat was a one-dimensional combat where ships are placed along a line that has 9 spaces (-4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4). From there the goal is to out maneuver ships either by pushing them beyond the -4 or 4 end zones or escaping beyond those points.

    The system is beautiful and quite memorable. So my inclination is to guess that you did not play it.

  12. Heard back about the Deck of Fate! Trying to determine what’s a reasonable price to ask for an add on like that. Is your expectation some % off of retail? Curious!

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