Join us at the forefront of crowd support platforms.

Join us at the forefront of crowd support platforms.

Through Kickstarter, you helped us bring Durance, Night Witches, The Warren, and Ghost Court to life.

Through Drip, we’re going to push the envelope with small games, live action experiments, supplements, and more – starting with an exclusive Fiasco playset!

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  1. I thought tabletop games were nearly the majority of funding on KS? Is that wrong?

    Ignore me, Drip is run by KS, I understand this now. I thought they were unrelated!

  2. Wait what? I’m not following.

    I mean Drip, as a patronage platform, feels more prestigious to me than Patreon, another patronage platform. Why? Dunno. Mmm.

    Maybe because the first round of Drip creators are all marquee brands? Actually I’m pretty sure Patreon started the same way but it was bands, which I don’t pay attention to. But I see Feminist Frequency and that’s impressive.

  3. Some of this is just my relationship to Patreon as well.

    I looked through their “tabletop roleplaying blogger” category at one time and there it’s clear there really is no bar to clear. Literally hundreds of $5-10/mo nerds churning out think pieces about encumbrance.

  4. Paul Beakley It looks like it’s invite-only for now, which I assume is KS trying to establish the Drip brand, and then once that’s in place they will open the floodgates.

  5. Mark Delsing if it will soon be full of encumbrance-bloggers, does that mean that if they decide to take on more, they will have to discard a few already in their inventory?

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