0 thoughts on “It’s official! The project is now live. Thanks all for your input.

  1. Well there is a PDF + Book level, but it’s more expensive and I really don’t recommend it unless you’re a hardcore collector. I’m hoping more people will go for the buy at cost level, as I specifically didn’t boost that price up so as to provide a better deal for people who don’t want my signature.

  2. No, it’s good! A Kicksnarker recommendation? I can see the advantages. Like, I was expecting a $45ish level, which would have been maybe high-ish for me right now but I don’t loooove game PDFs so I might have just bounced (or set a reminder, which is pretty much the same thing). But by the time the at-cost coupon rolls around, I’m assuming it can’t be more than $15ish plus shipping and that’ll just be a second small purchase.

    I like it! Filing away for the future.

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