I’m running probably the biggest sale I’ve ever done from now through Dec. 18. It’s the gifting season, so if you’re looking for something new and cool for a friend (or just for you, I won’t tell) this is a good time!


Not only is everything in the store 20% off, I’m closing out some items. In particular, all of my limited edition shirts are on deep discount, some for as low as $3! They’re all going away at the end of the year so this is the last chance to pick up “Summer” King Cuerno, King of Darkness EVIL, or any of the World Wide Wrestling shirt designs.

All discounts are already in the store listings, and use code WINTER2017 at checkout to get free US shipping on orders of $35+. This includes PDFs in the total, so (protip) you can stock up on the back catalogue in digital and get free shipping on the one book you want!

Stay warm, friends.

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