I want the whole world to know that Paolo Greco is loved. We stand beside you in the face of bullies, be strong, if you can – we’re always here for you.

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  1. I’m actually way more sick of the community that provides him cover. The excuses. The defenses. All of it.

    There’s this weird thing people do where they conflate the talents of a person with the quality of that person. I see it all the time in other interest areas; it’s not a gamer thing. Being good at something doesn’t make you good.

    I wish I could say that that’s a childish mistake but there’s so much hero worship everywhere that I have to think it’s just … bad training? Tribalism? Dunno.

  2. There’s a part of me that wants to post a rant, as I, too, am so SO FUCKING SICK of all the OSR shitbags who are either in total denial or just don’t care about this troll’s behavior. But I know that will just rain down hell upon me and not really solve anything.

  3. There won’t be.

    We all know that, right? I mean it’s been years. Now it’s normalized. Now it’s just a shrug and “ehh don’t be so thin-skinned” or SHOW ME THE PROOF or whatever.

    Well, fingers crossed. I do hope so.

  4. The willful disbelief is not entirely different from “I pretended to be a woman online for a week and whoa I guess millions of women weren’t all lying about what it’s like.”

  5. Paul Beakley​ exactly on the community thing. People lament his behavior in side channels, while buying his shit.

    He’s just a typical coward who’s big and strong on the internet, he’s easy to manipulate, especially when he sees it hit his wallet.

  6. Sandy J-T yeah. Also, you reminded me of something I wanted to mention, and it sucks that I even have to:

    This is a public thread. Participation in this might draw attention to you you won’t like. I don’t have any advice I can offer on that other than to a) do whatever you need to be and feel safe and b) document any harassment you may experience via screencap.

    I hate that this behavior has even made me have to think about this stuff. But it won’t be the first time for me — it happens a couple times a year.

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