How fast can I learn to read Swedish?

How fast can I learn to read Swedish?

Holy Ikea look at this thing. 

If their translation pace is anything like it is for Mutant: Year Zero, we’ll probably see this in 5 years. 

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  1. I take it it hasn’t gone live yet? Or am I misunderstanding the Kickstarter page?

    Anyway, Swedish is a Scandinavian language, Scandinavian languages are closely related to the Germanic languages, and the bits of English that aren’t French or Latin are mostly Germanic. So, IMHO, learning to read it should take considerably less than 5 years, if you don’t mind still needing a dictionary at hand for holes in your vocab.

  2. nat barmore it’s live, they’ve already raised lots of money, and it closes in 13 days.

    I actually did take a swing a Berlitz-ing my way through Swedish when Target AB was a big client. But their English was so solid and my Swedish was so terrible that they asked me to stop on the phone calls.

  3. Coriolis is Arabs in space. It’s about the space station Coriolis, slightly like Babylon Five but instead of alien races you got hookahs and turbans. A cool concept, and I’m curious how Fria Ligan will expand it.

  4. Here is an old teaser for the first version:

    And the new one for Kickstarter:

    An excerpt from the last one: ” Many have forgotten the horrors from the war of the portals. The extinction of Vodason’s gardens: proud armadas lost in silence; countless of souls taken. It was a time when people abandoned the icons of the Third Horizon. When the darkness between the stars was found among all humans.

    But yeah, it seems like the new version is more like Rouge Trader.

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