0 thoughts on “Forbidden Lands

  1. I’ve described it to others as a mixture of MY:Z, Torchbearer, and Wilderlands of High Fantasy. That’s a pretty potent mixture, especially if it’s leaning heavily on the MY:Z system for characters, exploration, and strongholds.

  2. I’ve probably got one good fantasy campaign in me every other year. It’s not my favorite genre.

    It’s great and frustrating that Fria Ligan games are starting to crowd out PbtA on my shelf and mind share.

  3. If this game really follows through on its MY:Z heritage, it’ll probably be a campaign-length one-shot. Hell, they’re leaning into that idea with the idea of legacy-game-style stickers for the map. From what I gather, your group prefers fantasy games the most, so this might be a real chance at a long-term game for your group.

    So many hyphens in this post…

  4. Oh, I thought you’d made a reference to your group being inclined towards fantasy games. My foggy memory tells me it was a stray comment during one of your actual play posts, so I’m probably just making shit up.

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