Fall of Magic

Fall of Magic

It’s here! Surprisingly long box, but it does have to hold a scroll. There’s literally no place for it at all on any of my shelves, so it kind of has to sit weirdly atop other stuff. Whatever, it’s art!

Everything inside is lovely, can’t wait to give it a spin at some point. I thumbed through everything and, sure enough, I can see the Life on Mars fingerprints all over it. Easy enough, just have to find a chill evening.

0 thoughts on “Fall of Magic

  1. I kind of prefer it be leather free.

    EDIT: It’d also be trivial to add a leather strap for tying purposes. Heck,I might have something laying around.

  2. Glad it arrived safe and sound!@Joseph Yeah I was disappointed about the leather as well. I tried every kind of leather cord I could get my hands on and they just didn’t hold up. The hemp will grow on you. And it is way more durable.

  3. It is going to be awhile still. I had a hard time working out international shipping and am only just getting started actually shipping this week. I’ll get them out as soon as I can.

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