Every day is Read Your Game in Public Day.

Every day is Read Your Game in Public Day.

Next up is The Veil. Character and setting creation was rough and weird (the Wayward playbook, wtf) but also promising.

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  1. Collaborative setting creation might be the killer app in that game. Ours was a Thailand-inspired insecure monarchy with the military and foreign corporations waiting in the wings to take over. So good.

  2. Also, in our game Simon played the unplugged character who can’t see into the Veil and it was kind of a challenge to manage at times, just FYI.

  3. J. Walton in the one-shot I played of the Veil that playbook seemed REALLY hard to integrate into the rest of the game. I’m glad I wasn’t GM’ing that.

    I hope the Veil works better for you than Coriolis, Paul Beakley

  4. Ulf Bengtsson it counts if you grab every passerby and say with missionary zeal, “Look at this cool RPG I’m reading!,” and put the screen under their nose.

    That would count. Oh, yes it would!

  5. Hans Messersmith do you remember which book that is?

    We’re actually playing hardcore emopunk: the Dying, the Empath, and the Wayfarer. Aaaaalll the feels.

  6. I have no idea, Paul Beakley, I don’t own the veil myself. I think as J. Walton said its called “The Unplugged” or similar? Its a pretty obvious playbook, because I’m pretty sure its the only one that is explicitly disconnected.

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