Bundle of Holding

Bundle of Holding
PbtA Bundle
City of Judas

So I’m looking through that last good Bundle (yay I finally have World Wide Wrestling!) and this one jumped out at me. I’ve never even heard of it! 

Has anyone played? Is it any good?

Slowly but surely overcoming my allergy to PDF rules. May have to buy a (much) faster tablet to put them to use though. 


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  1. I haven’t! I remember seeing it talked about briefly a while back, and then nothing. It’s one of two things I didn’t have in that last Bundle, but I didn’t bite because I am holding out for WWW in print. I love the premise, though.

  2. I had to create a whole PbtA subdirectory of games just to hold all this shit. Currently in PDF I have:

    City of Judas
    Night Witches
    Urban Shadows

    I have MotW in print but it totally does not call out to me.

    PbtA is by far the most dominant footprint in my collection. Nowhere near enough actual play though.

  3. Paul Beakley you have more of those than I do! I don’t have Cartel, City of Judas, Legacy, or WWW, but I do have Tremulus and The Warren.

    I have run successful longterm games of AW, MH, and DW, and played AW, plus run con-games of NW and The Warren. I keep meaning to run Tremulus and then forgetting. I think my crowd would love MotW, but it doesn’t quite sing to me either. Oh, I also ran about three sessions of AW: Dark Age, but my group got tired of having to remake their characters every time a new revision dropped. PbtA games have definitely occupied the “default game” corner of my brain that White Wolf games used to hold.

  4. Brand Robins mentioned at some point (maybe in sidebar, can’t remember) that among the many reasons why PbtA is such a go-to hack platform for small press designers is that you (EDIT: designers and players) don’t have to go and relearn everything every time. I think that is so true.

    Weighing Cartel versus Montsegur 1244 for a dinner-and-games night I’m setting up in a couple weeks, I asked my wife about both and she immediately said she didn’t really feel like she wanted to learn another game system (so far she’s only played SotI and Firefly, and Cortex Plus bummed her out).

  5. Montsegur doesn’t have a “system to be learned”, per se. It’s very much the indiegames archetype of “here’s some inspiration, now make up a scene, and it’s over when you say it’s over.” I don’t know if I would recommend it for a casual games environment, though. It really sang when I played it because everyone was totally invested in making it work. Cross-chat and joke-cracking, or even checking your phone instead of watching other players play their scenes, would probably kill the mood in a hurry.

  6. My newbs are actually the best at keeping the cross-chat, joke-cracking and phone-checking under control.

    It’s my overfamiliar old-timers who do all that shit.

  7. It cracks me up that North Americans call Montsegur a classic indie game. To me it’s a classic Danish Scenario, just written in English.

    Not saying I’m right, but when I play it next to PtbA, PTA, Sorcerer, and Dogs it feels very different. But when I play it with, say, Dulce etc Decorum or We Were WASPs it feels much the same.

    Anyway, no mechanics. Follow the scenario, frame scenes, die or don’t. Simple.

  8. I remember seeing City of Judas on a Story-Games thread, so…I dunno. Haven’t checked it out yet, but some of the mechanics stuff sounds neat. OTOH, Legacy was also a S-G threadchild, and I was really disappointed by that one.

  9. I love Durance as a convention game. I get giddy as we near the end of the second hour and everyone has been protecting their leads like precious snowflakes and I turn to whoever is playing the Governor and frame a scene with “OK, so I have a jagged knife embedded in your gut and I’m twisting it” and then all the players get it simultaneously and the whole thing becomes a bloodbath.

  10. Yeah, I’ve had great luck with it a couple times now. One of my go-to convention games.

    This might be the first convention where I don’t offer up Burning Wheel. Hm. Probably should rectify. Hell, I’ll just run everything for everyone.

  11. I mean it could make me happy. I love history, especially this period of history. I did an undergrad thesis paper about esoteric religions in the Crusader era.

    So it could make me happy, right?



  12. Hey guys – author of the game, City of Judas, here…
    I hope you don’t mind me intruding.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game, when you get a chance to read it – and perhaps play it.
    There’s also a community here on G+ in case you have questions or comments which you think others can be interested in, or just drop me an email or a private message.

    I know it has the potential to upset some people, so don’t worry if your judgment will be a bit harsh; I can take a punch or two 🙂
    Yes, I am talking to you Brand Robins 🙂 … (of course I’m kidding; I am sure you’re an absolutely nice person and you will have kind words for me… but at this point I am really curious to know if the game will manage to satisfy your standards)

  13. p.s. we will change the title font in the first revision: we’ve heard the joke about the city of judds a couple of times already and it was definitely not intended to come out that way 🙂

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