BackerKit Live!

BackerKit Live!
A month ago the Free Spacer Kickstarter not only funded, but unlocked all the Sector Archive stretch goals. Thank you all for helping me pay Kira Magrann, Johnstone Metzger, and Melody Watson. Since then, we’ve been working hard on logistics; finalising shipping, setting up for the archivists, art direction, and branding.

Surveys// Go to BackerKit to fill in your survey and pay any required shipping. You can also upgrade your pledge and add new items. I’ll be smoke testing the Survey

Preorder Store// New backers can join the campaign using the Preorder store. Please tell your friends who missed the Kickstarter that they can still join and get a copy of Free Spacer.

$3,000 CAD – A BackerKit Stretch Goal!
The campaign fell short of the Full Colour Stretch goal. The artists and I really want the book to be in colour. So, we’re going to keep the stretch goal going. If we raise $3,000 CAD outside of the shipping fees, I’ll upgrade all books – Printed and PDF – to full colour art and layout. So tell all your friends to grab their own copy of Free Spacer.

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