Ha, ask in passing about printed cards, get yelled at by Jason Morningstar​, and lo and behold, here are printed cards.

For serious, this is a very clever story game/tool. Highest recommendation (and now you don’t need to deal with the arts & crafts element).


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0 thoughts on “Archipelago”

  1. We have not yet linked it to our charity. It had to be live to do that, so any sales in between are a minor bookkeeping issue for BPG as we tabulate and cut a check to MAG. No big deal. Anyway all profits dig up land mines, which we’ll say when it is all linked.

  2. Larry Lade you actually have to pay 3 bucks for materials. So it’s really like “pay for the actual materials plus how ever little extra you can stand to pay and not feel like a horrible person for not cleaning up landmines.”

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