A is for…

Oh boy, I just noticed WordPress didn’t actually post the contents of this post. I’m still learning my way around, sorry sorry.

Anyway: I’m working my way through the glossary of terms. I just finished “A”. My goal is to do a letter a day, every day, until I get through it.

Comments are open if you’re looking for clarification of how I use these terms. Let me also note that I’m not claiming to have invented any of these, I try to give credit when I can, and I am definitely not an authoritative source. On that note, if you want to argue with me that I’m using a term “wrong” because of some authoritative source, well. Please think about why you want to do that. This is just here so you can understand where I’m coming from, and it might help you through indiegame/storygame conversations you find elsewhere. 

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