$300 if you want all the content. Jesus.

$300 if you want all the content. Jesus.

This is so diabolical, preying on completionists like this.


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4 thoughts on “$300 if you want all the content. Jesus.”

  1. Eesh… I do love Cthulhu Wars and Theomachy…

    On the other hand I’ve been trying to cut back on my Kickstarters of late…

    On the third hand I HAVE been cutting back on my kickstarters of late… maybe one will be okay?

  2. I put it on “remind me”. I think the rules are available to read.

    It comes with 4 races…but there’s an expansion to 6…and then there are 22 additional races to play.

    My brain does this:

    1) 2 hour 4x game…

    2) 26 playable races…

    3) Sounds like a game that relies on the novelty of new asymetrical combinations to provide the fun.

    I suspect the actual game is pretty simple and not that strategically interesting, and the thinky part comes from how to push the button in the right combination for this race mix.

    Which can be cool…but probably not $300 cool…especially since I already have Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea.

    I did get a kick out of the repetition of “no upkeep phase!” as a key selling feature…that’s like breaking opening an RPG and seeing “this game doesn’t use classes!”

    But still…I’m tempted.

    I wouldnt be me if I wasn’t tempted…

  3. I played this with Sandy last fall (alpha version) and it was fun. There was a fair amount of player interaction b/c many of the Secrets and faction abilities involve choices that affect other players (e.g. assign 1 benefit to any player; assign 1 penalty to any player). It had a bit of a Catan feel in that you’re balancing keeping anyone from getting too far into the lead against helping other players that may have a boost you need later on.

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