NewMexiCon: Friday

I'm in Albuquerque at one of my favorite indie-spirited roleplaying conventions, and reminded that I might be getting too old for this nonsense. My tradition with this event is to road trip out from Arizona with a good friend, get here early, and start gaming early. So we played through a bit of a long,… Continue reading NewMexiCon: Friday

One-Shot Microgames

This is a guest post from Aaron Feild, who has an amazing talent for tracking down one- or two-page one-shot storygames. Print all these out for your go-bag and never be bored at a con again! Hello, my name is Aaron Feild (@turgidbolk1 on twitter if you must), here are some microgame one-shot suggestions. I’ve… Continue reading One-Shot Microgames

Heroes of Land, Air and Sea

I did that thing where, while doing my taxes, I stumbled across a vast, huge, unexplainable charge on my credit card. What on Earth could I have Kickstarted for $200 last year? Oh, right. Yeah. I went all-in on Heroes of Land, Air and Sea. I may or may not have spirited this mess out… Continue reading Heroes of Land, Air and Sea

My Storygame Bucket List

I got to scratch a big title off my storygame bucket list last weekend. I came to the storygame/indiegame thing late-ish. The first game I'd call "nonconventional" (because I think terms like "storygame" and "indiegame" are invitations to pointless arguments, and "narrativist" drives me into a fury) was Burning Empires in 2006. Loved it, hated… Continue reading My Storygame Bucket List