So, a mixed bag of games today.

Started today with a very early morning game of my Burning Wheel event. It was…fair. Played with Bret Gillan​​​​​, Carly Knight​​​​​, Ralph Mazza​​​​​, Stephen Holowczyk​​​​​, and Keith Stetson​​​​​. A good table! But I didn’t run it especially well. I’ve been thinking about why it’s so hard for me to successfully execute the game as a one shot, because I’ve been really pleased with my other one shot games at this convention. Dunno. Many theories.

My midday game was Jason Pitre​​​​​’s Sig, which is his homage to Planescape via his Sparks engine. Didn’t know anything about either Sparks nor Planescape! And to be honest, I kind of went in expecting to not really dig it. Dunno why, completely irrational, but it turns out it was pretty fun. The game does some interesting things around trope-y celebration. It’s also a capital-S Storygame, and it runs best when everyone’s familiar with strong framing, creative collaboration, and putting yourself in trouble. In some ways it felt like a weird cross between Archipelago and Burning Wheel. Anyway, good event, didn’t regret sitting at that table.

The last event was Mars 244, Rachel E.S. Walton​​​​​’s reimplementation of Montsegur 1244. Sci-fi setup revolving around a slowly unfolding space disaster, and I really liked what I saw. Good table, too: Mikael Andersson​​​​​, Robert Bohl​​​​​, Brand Robins​​​​​ and Mo Jave​​​​​. Circumstances unfortunately cut the event short so I didn’t get to see the conclusion but the first half was really promising.

I’m pretty cooked and up way late, so tomorrow is gonna be waffles and Fief and I think that’s all. Oh shit, yeah, and that plane flight back home and away from my east coast friends. :-(

Mutant: Year Zero

Another good game of MYZ with a really fun and excellent table: Brand Robins​, Mikael Andersson​, Misha B​, Carly Knight​ and M. P. O’Sullivan​. A little ark drama, a horrific clusterfuck in the Zone…yeah.

Had my first Chronicler in a one-shot and the player and I had a tiny bit of trouble getting traction with it. But hey, between Misha’s cherry bourbon, Mikael’s fudge and amazingly terrible death spiral rolls, you can’t not have a good time.


First event of my first Dreamation was pretty good I think! Good old Sagas of the Icelanders, pretty much a guaranteed good time.

Terrible picture, tiny room, but once again I landed an all star table: Jason Morningstar​​​​​, Mikael Andersson​​​​​, Keith Stetson​​​​​, M. P. O’Sullivan​​​​​, and the fifth player’s name is Cat and dammit I don’t know her last name. Catherine Ramen​​!

The game requires a fairly firm grip on the tiller but it’s just so satisfying to watch it come together. My dream was to get Jason to play the so-called problematic Man playbook, but Mikael did and he did great with it.

TIME Stories

Holy shit. Awesome cooperative. And I hate, hate co-ops.

3.5 hours to our solution, with a lot of despondency around the 2.5 hour mark. We’re second class agents! Disappointing but geez, a very fulfilling experience.

I wish I could talk more about the game but literally anything else I may say will be a spoiler.


I got into some stuff and I’m running some stuff. Here’s how my schedule looks so far.

Thursday 8-12: running Sagas of the Icelanders. Well…standing aside while Jason Morningstar​​​ and Mikael Andersson​​​ run roughshod over my carefully crafted Viking dungeon (when they see the stat block I’ve done up for the undead goði final boss they’re gonna freak out! Don’t tell them!)

Friday morning, nothing planned. Somebody hook me up.

Friday 2-6: Headspace with Mark Richardson​​​. I backed it! So let’s see what I’m backing.

Friday 8-midnight I’m running Mutant: Year Zero. So far I know Misha B​​​ and Brand Robins​​​ are in. Anyone else? EDIT also Mikael Andersson​​​! BOOZE IS ENCOURAGED.

Saturday morning I’m running Burning Wheel. Bret Gillan​​​ and Carly Knight​​​ are in, anyone else I know? EDIT Keith Stetson​​! Duh! I feel like I’m forgetting… Daniel Levine someone… That leaves one more.

Saturday 2-6: Sig with Jason Pitre​​​. I know literally nothing about Planescape so maybe I’m not the target demo? I’ll try not to ask too many dumb questions.

Saturday 8-12: Mars with Rachel E.S. Walton​​​. I think this will have to count as our Montsegur flashmob event. After that last game though, I’m going in fully armed with snark and irony. Feels are forbidden!

Sunday is looking like it’ll be a big sprawling game of Fief: France 1429 with some folks. There’s ONE SEAT LEFT at my Fief table! So if you’re looking for a highly acrimonious chill mid-morning to mid-afternoon Sunday event, hit me up privately and I’ll put you on the list. You’ll need three personal referrals, your credit rating, and your SSN.

Slowly Dawning Realization

Okay, so I’m paging through the Dreamation stuff. I had assumed it was a million billion years too late to submit things, but I thought what the heck and started looking through. 

I thought there were like…900-some events? Starting out…seems there aren’t nearly that many. In fact in any given slot there might be 5 or 6. Or fewer. Now I’m confused. Are there parallel conventions? No idea. Also heavily freeform/larpy. Now I feel like the weird kid who brought D&D to the makeout party. Oh wait. Wait. They’ve arranged it by…game type? Clustered into larps and Pathfinder and not-Pathfinder games? Spectacular. No wait, the other word. What is N? G? R? S? B? IS THERE A KEY NO I GUESS NOT.

900-some events in a single column of 6 point type. Wow. Wow.

Every con runs different but man this one is by far the weirdest and most baffling. 

Submitted my wish list, let’s see what happens.

T.I.M.E. Stories

I picked this up because my time travel fetish is insatiable. Something I super love about the way TIME Stories is set up is that the insert is built to save your game mid-game and pick it up later.

I want to play it soon but now I’m worried: just how long is a typical adventure? Ideally I’d like to get through a game in a single 3-hour-or-so sitting. Is that gonna happen or should I plan on multiple evenings of grinding it out?

I’m also skeptical that I can save the game w/o inadvertently revealing stuff or spilling the cards or whatever. Since I’m being a good boy and leaving the sealed deck SEALED until we sit down to play, maybe I’m assuming the cards reveal too much. Dunno.